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When the save button gives a (false) security error, select and save all text above as .js file.
The menu is explained in the usage instructions
You can use the following keys:
spacebar or tap
in left margin
pause / continue ftoggle file buttons
right arrowgo to next measure ltoggle line cursor
left arrowgo to previous measure htoggle help
+/-increase / decrease speed mtoggle menu
In addition, when synchronization is enabled:
b or tap in scorerecord sync point, move to the next measure. gremove a pair of repeat marks.
backspace or clear button backup one measure: erase current sync point (and all following, if any) long click or shift click in measure add a repeat mark to the measure
,shorten the duration of the current measure ctrl-,shorten the initial offset (play back time in the media file where the first measure starts).
.lengthen the duration of the current measure. ctrl-.lengthen the initial offset.
w or
save button
save timings, pdf data and other settings to a file (see preload file). Also works with dropbox. You can load a preload file with the score file button.